Ticket to Ride

Step on up Ladies and Gentleman and enjoy the ride.

Don’t you feel like life is a never ending roller coaster? Up and down, around and around – sometimes all you want to do is get off and other times you can’t get enough of the adrenaline rush.

So many unexpected turns have been coming my way, but I must admit lady luck has been on my side to shine the light through all the clouds.

And for that, as well as staying true to myself, I am grateful.  Bisous NYS

The Look: Blouse by Topshop, Trousers by CHRISTOPHER KANE and CHRISTOPHER KANE, Leather Neck Piece by Emporio Armani, Heels by Tom Ford, Gloves by Club Monaco and Sunglasses by RETRO SUPER FUTURE.

Special Thanks to Ed Kavishe of Fashion Wire Press for the photography.

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