Spring Fever

The wind is light, the flowers are blooming-ah yes, and spring has finally arrived!  And the best part is this beautiful weather brings happier moods and more activities outdoors.  But most importantly, it brings a chance for reinvention!  So while Spring is a springin’, my wardrobe is a changin’.  You know, that moment when you look into your “full” closet and there is absolutely NOTHING to wear.  Then all of a sudden the weather begins to change and POOF – new wardrobe!   Yeah, that’s me.

Recently I scored these hot to trot, leather leg leggings from Curve and yes it was love at first sight.  Every time I slip these beauties on, I want to jump on a horse and ride on into the sunset.  But since we know that isn’t happening anytime soon, I just stroll through the village instead.  Still on the lookout for my stallion.  To be continued… Bisous NYS

Look:  Jacket by Miu Miu, Leather Leg Leggings by Raquel Allegra, Blouse by Zara, Heels by Christian Louboutin, Cuff by Hermes, Rings by Bijules, Scarf by Massimo Dutti and Sunglasses by Balenciaga.

Thanks to Evelina Bryngelsson, here is a mini behind the scenes video of what we are really doing during these shoots – Spring Fever Behind The Scenes

Photography by the superb Thai Neave