She has Arrived – Grace, A Memoir

In the darkness of my apartment last month, I sat in a candlelit room while Hurricane Sandy tore through the east coast.  I wasn’t concerned thinking it would be over shortly and my power would be restored in a matter of time.

Well as we all know now that wasn’t the case. But lucky for me I had all that I needed at that time… candles, my lover (Neige my Maltese) and a freshly printed Vogue just waiting to be flipped through.  Inside the mag were bits from new books being published, one specifically being Grace Coddington’s new autobiography “A Memoir.”  I was automatically drawn like a moth to a flame and the short tidbit left me hungry for more.

One week later when my power returned, I pre-ordered the book on Amazon and patiently awaited my next time consuming addiction.  And NOW she has finally arrived!  Oh Grace, thank you for sharing your personal experiences with the rest of the starving fashion world.  It is so incredible to have a peak inside a life that evolved with so many changes in the industry.  It also explains why Grace’s styling is so magical and charismatic.

Grace has been one of my lifelong inspirations, long before the “September Issue.”  I has the pleasure/honor of meeting her last winter at Arthur Elgort’s Christmas Party.  It was a moment I will never forget.  Now after reading the book, it all makes sense why I think she is just the bees knees – we have the same birthday!

I highly recommend the book to anyone who would like to be transported through an honest soul who wanted nothing more but to express herself through la mode.  She truly is the definition of the word “icon.” Bisous NYS

You can purchase Grace: A Memoir here through Net-A-Porter.

In the midst of Hurricane Sandy, indulging in a freshly printed “Vogue”

Meeting Grace for the first time last winter. With my friend Mani Zarrin

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