Salam Habibi – Marrakech, Morocco

The unexpected snowstorm in New York today made me want to run away to a sunny retreat.  This made me think about my recent trip to Marrakech for my friend’s sensational wedding.  I knew I had to share IMMEDIATELY!  This was my second time to Marrakech and I am already looking forward to my next trip!  Many say to avoid the summer months but I went in May and July and still loved it.

For my first time in Marrakech, I stayed at the Murano Resort in the La Palmeraie section of the city, which is basically a desert full of lush palm trees and luxurious hotels known more for kicking back and relaxing.  It was luxurious and beautiful, but I knew my second time around I wanted to stay in a traditional riad in the “old city.”  It was a great contrast to my last trip and allowed me to be closer to Jemaa el-Fnaa, a square/market place where you find snake charmers, open-air food stands, traditional shops (souks) and tons of tourists and entertainers crowded in circles.  It can be quite overwhelming but definitely something I recommend to experience once in your life.

With Marrakech being such a dry city, it is no wonder why they did their best to make everything else immensely colorful.  From the vibrant gardens to the brilliant pottery to the caftans sparkling like jewels, Marrakech will make you feel as if you have never seen color before.  I now understand why Yves Saint Laurent used the city as his escape from Paris and for inspiration for his collections.  I did my best to capture this beauty and hopefully it will inspire you too!  Bisous NYS

Some Recommendations:  My Top Restaurants – Bo-ZinDar YacoutComptoir Darna.  For a fun afternoon try Nikki Beach.  Culture – Les Jardins de Majorelle and Palais de la Bahia. Accommodations –  The number one place to stay in Marrakech is La Marmounia, but also nice is La SultanaDar Sabra, Beldi Country Club and Murano Resort.  If you have extra time try to visit Essaouira (aka Mogador), a sweet fisherman’s town on the Atlantic Coast.  I highly recommend staying at Le Heure Bleue Palais.  Another great option is La Sultana in Oualidia.