New York Post Cover

It was an honor to be placed on the cover of the New York Post – Real Estate section for my renovation and interior design skills.  Being a Fashion Designer/Stylist, interior design comes quite naturally to me since essentially it is the same as styling but instead I am styling a home.  After doing a complete renovation to a Miami home and my last New York home, I was able to walk into my new space and picture the layout right away.  My inspiration was easy since I had originally planned to move to Paris this past May, but decided to stay in New York.  So I brought Paris to me! Thanks to the New York Post and photographer Zandy Mangold,  I am able to share images of  mon petit palais with you all.  I am still in the process of adding a couple more details which I will share with you in the future, but at least you can get a better idea of what my place looks like in the meantime.  You may also view the New York Post article attached to this link:  Bisous NYS