Style Muse – Mary Beth – Part Deux

Really – I wasn’t joking when I said I am in Isabel Marant obsession mode!

Today I bring you the hottest footwear on the market – the Isabel Marant Willow Sneaker.  Madame Marant has been making this sneaker for a couple of seasons now, constantly changing the shoe’s color story.  This sneaker is so smokin’, they don’t even put them out on the shelves (you have to ask a sales person to bring them up to you).  Now some of you might be wondering – “oh it’s just another high top sneaker, why would I spend my money on this?”  Oh no, no loves, this is more than just any old sneaker.  There is a hidden 3 inch wedge in the bottom of the shoe – almost impossible to recognize.  Sorry boys – I am sure they will make one for you too some day.

Mary Beth was luckily enough to score these star sneakers – as we all stare in admiration…ahhhhh.  In this look she is also rockin':  Jacket by Rag & Bone (Brent Zip Jacket), Coated Jeans by Carmar for LF Boutiques, and top by Millau for LF Boutiques.

I hope you enjoy our little monkey jumping on the bed – fortunately she didn’t fall off nor break her head!  Bisous NYS

Photography by Moi