Montjüic – Barcelona

Why hasn’t anybody ever told me about this place before?

In the many times I have traveled to Barcelona, this was my first time hiking to the top of Montjüic.  I was told it displays some of the most stunning views over Barcelona and that it does.  Montjuïc itself is a broad, shallow hill overlooking the harbor on one side and the city centre on the other.

We began our journey at the bottom of the hill near the art museum – Palau Nacional.  Funny enough I realized very quickly that a quarter of our so called “hike” would consist of outdoor escalators.  Really?  Well I wasn’t going to complain since we were also lugging around our picnic for later in the afternoon.  I mean carrying that baguette could really strain my body.  Soon we reached the site where the summer olympics of 1992 took place.  Torches, stadiums, waterfalls… that sort of thing.  Finally we arrived to the top where the Castell de Montjuïc remains and the picturesque views engulf you.  I strolled around and snapped a couple pics, but my tour guide a.k.a. my dear friend Brittany, quickly moved us back down the hill to discover the cascading gardens.  After perusing through a series of parks consisting of flowers, trellis’ and ponds, we landed upon a quaint, sun-filled slice of césped that had ‘picnic’ written all over it.

After copious amounts of manchego, jamon serrano, cava, rioja and of course baguette, a siesta it became – as well as one of my favorite days on the trip.  A special thanks to Brittany, Louay and Jonathan for taking the time to enjoy the ‘tranquilo’ part of life with me.

Besos NYS