A Night at the Museum – The Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs Exhibition

What a way to end all the Fashion Weeks – a majestic staircase full of fashion’s best cornered with model dolls fanning themselves leading to the grand exhibition of Louis Vuitton vs Marc Jacobs in the Les Arts Décoratifs wing of the Louvre.  C’est Top!

For many it just seemed normal – waiters passed out endless glasses of Ruinart, white-gloved servers walked around with trays of foie gras, caviar stuffed mini potatoes and truffles while regulars like SJP, Kristin Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow wandered around – yep, just another night at the museum.

After taking in the dashing entrance, we moseyed in to the exhibition to be greeted by Takashi Murakami (who collaborated with Marc Jacobs on the famous flower handbags a decade ago) taking a picture with Jacob’s framed picture on the wall.

The exhibition itself covered two floors, with the works of Louis Vuitton on the first floor and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton on the second floor.  Pamela Golbin, the curator, said that the idea was to contrast the work of the two men as it related to the great cultural shifts of their times.  Vuitton’s level consisted mostly of historic trunks and clothing while Jacobs showed off his collections in artistic displays ranging from handbags in a chocolate box to nurse mannequins sporting “L.O.U.I.S” nurse caps.

What many didn’t realize was just across the hall was another incredible exhibition of Jean-Paul Goude’s entire forty-year career featuring his drawings, objects, music, films and photographs. It was so outstanding, it deserved a fete for itself!

The evening ended with a night cap at Hotel Costes before we headed home and our horse carriage turned back into a pumpkin – definitely a night to remember.  Bisous NYS

My Look:  Dress by Maison Di Prima, Necklace by Marguerite de Valois, Jacket by Versace and Heels by Giambattista Valli.  Erica Pelosini in Givenchy and Christian Louboutin Heels.