Inside Christian Louboutin’s Showroom in Paris

No pictures allowed!  At least that is what they always say at the Christian Louboutin Showroom in Paris, but since they had a side section of the 20th Anniversary Collection which was just realeased, they made an exception for me.

Most of us women drool at his shoes – the vibrant colors, the over-the-top embellishments and  oh ah that red sole!  Well now he is applying the same equation to his handbags.  I mean, how many designers have you seen put the city of Paris on top of a handbag strap?   There is a french maid, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and of course a mini CL shoe amongst the rest of the french sites.  If you are lucky enough, you could also get your mitts on a handbag with a bunch of mini CL red soles dangling off the strap.  They are all impeccably done.

The new collection coming out this Fall is another hit – smart metal details, straps in all the right places and heels that just keep getting higher and higher and higher.  Christian definitely knows how to keep his girls happy!

Visiting the CL showroom is always one of the highlights during Paris Fashion Week.  Everyone there is so kind and it is always an added bonus when you see Christian roaming around greeting his guests.  He truly is a humble genius.  Bisous NYS

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