Delfina Delettrez – A Force to be Reckoned With – Metalphysic

Alway obsessed with her ever changing collections – yet another jewelry designer I can not wait to see when I get to Paris – Delfina Delettrez.

Delfina Delettrez’s presented her Fall 2012 collection entitled “Metalphysics” at the Musée des Arts Décorattifs in Paris.  A fourth generation Fendi, Delfina is no stranger to the creative passion for fashion and accessories that runs in the family which has ultimately influenced her destiny.  Delfina works gold, silver, iron, copper, Tuscan marble from the Massa Carrara basin, Capodimonte ceramics, exotic woods, glass and crystal.  She audaciously plays with and combines organic materials, mixing them with precious stones, oversize scaramazza pearls, black diamonds, leather strips or pieces of bone. All the collections are born out of her symbols; The alphabet of her generation and Delfina’s desires, passions, dreams, travels and experiences. Step by step, collection after collection, her style becomes more refined, more precious and… more delirous.

“METALPHYSIC” collection celebrates the miraculous architecture in Rome’s churches and palaces from antiquity and the modern day, blending these two radically different eras. Canova’s and Piranesi’s neoclassicism is combined with the intriguing metaphysics of Giorgio De Chirico. The collection prominently features marble, like those seen throughout the city of Rome, in a spectrum of colors such as Verona red, Jet black, Carrara white. Ancient artisanal goldsmith techniques are utilized in the detailing of the micro-mosaics. The jewels integrated seemingly incongruous pairings such as columns supporting pearls and pierced eyes.

Goethe wrote in his Travel in Italy that “whoever looks at these jewels can say: everything is as it was described to me but at the same time everything is new.”  This notion of timelessness and surprise was the inspiration to the new collection.  I think it was definitely represented in the presentation as well.  Bisous NYS